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Re: Is Open Publication License v1.0 compatible?

On Sat, Feb 28, 2004 at 04:52:34PM -0500, Jeremy Hankins wrote:
> Traditionally d-l has suggested to folks with this problem that they use
> the GPL with explicit explanatory text explaining what they take
> "preferred form for modification" (i.e., source) to mean for their work
> (e.g., an electronic version in the original format, or something like
> it).  That should provide the same protections as the GPL, though
> generally it amounts to mandating some form of electronic distribution
> along with printed forms, which can have practical problems.

Commercial printings can just make a written offer to provide the
source on demand, which is then satisfied by sticking it on a website
and referencing the site from the text.

> But as for the practical problem of distributing hardcopy versions, I
> simply don't see a way to satisfy the criteria:
> - DFSG free
> - copyleft (i.e., can't take it proprietary)
> - easy to distribute hardcopy (i.e., without electronic versions)
> This is because the last two requirements directly contradict, unless
> you're willing to add extra restrictions as a way to bridge the two
> (e.g., you must provide an electronic version on a web site), which
> would violate the DFSG.  I'm eager to be proven wrong here, but I just
> don't think it can be done.  The closest you can come, I think, is to
> require that electronic versions accompany hardcopy, but with an
> exception for copies under some number (e.g., 100).  Do d-l people agree
> that such a license could be DFSG free?

If it's free without the exception then it's free with it; the
exception does not make it free. Please don't pick an arbitrary number
though; my class at university had about 110 people in it, so a limit
of 100 would be problematic. Say "for non-commercial use" or something
- that should cover all the cases.

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