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Re: Bug#234477: ITP: logsurfer+ -- real-time system log monitor

On Feb 25, 2004, at 17:09, sean finney wrote:

No, the above license is also incompatible with the GPL (since you don't
have the right to distribute modified versions), which means you can't
distribute it at all (even in non-free).

so then technically they can't even redistribute it, because their
program is built including GPL'd code?

Yep. It appears from what you say that they are violating the FSF(?)'s copyright on the regexp library.

You'll need to get them to grant permission to distribute modified
copies; re-licensing it under the 3-clause BSD or MIT/X licenses (which
are both DFSG-free and GPL-compatible) would work, and sound like they
do what upstream wants, anyway.

if the code includes gpl source code, doesn't that mean the code has to
be GPL'd too?

No. They can always use a more permissive license, they just can't use a less permissive license.

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