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Patent issues


I wonder if it is still possible for sarge to be released before 7 July
2004 (international expiration of US4558302). If not, we could start to
move GIF/LZW patent encumbered packages from non-free and contrib to

More generally, I hope I'm not the only one aware of the fact that
currently, many packages in main violate software patents. E.g.
EP0394160 (the progress bar) and EP0689133 (notebooks). These two have
their equivalents in US, JP and other regions and are used heavily by
popular GUI based programs (e.g. using GTK+, Qt and the toolkits

These are just examples (see http://webshop.ffii.org/ for others),
though "trivial" ones, but I doubt that these and all the others will be
deleted some day.

I wonder what Debian considers the threshold of importance for patents
that can be ignored and patents that we care about.



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