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Re: FWD from XFree86 forum: GPL-incompatible license

On Wed, Feb 11, 2004 at 02:42:57PM +0100, Sven Luther wrote:
> Branden,
> Again, you do great job in following the licence stuff, and
> felicitations to you and to the rest of the X strike force for the soon
> to be upcoming 4.3.0-1 package.

Just my luck that when I finish the TODO list, some security holes show
up that have me embargoed.  Oh well.

> I have an interogation about the aim of this mail though. You are
> clearly following up on a mail from forum@xfree86.org, but in this
> response you don't CC them. Is this willed from your part, as a way to
> discuss this issue without XFree86 and then inform them about this ? Or
> maybe it was only a mistake from your part and you forgot them in your
> CC list ? Or maybe some other reason ? Could you please clarify your
> position on this point, and eventually forward this list to the
> forum@xfree86.org mailing list too ? 

The reason is simple; I'm not subsribed to the XFree86 forum list, and I
generally try to avoid sending unsolicited mail to lists to which I
don't subscribe.  Particularly in this case, as redistribution of my
message is not restricted (it was sent to 3 public forums already).

Moreover, given David Dawes's statement that GPL compatibility simply
isn't on the XFree86 Project, Inc.'s radar screen as far as its
licensing policy is concerned, I'm not sure the forum list needs to be
bothered with my analysis.  The XFree86 Project, Inc., might not regard
any of the issues I raised as a problem, and if so, there's really no
point wasting their time with them.

You may feel differently, however, and there is nothing stopping you from
redistributing my message to the forum list if you think that would be

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