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Advice on an almost public domain package

Hi all,

I have found a software package I'd like to make into a proper Debian
package. Now the problem is a kind of mixed license.

The package is Gnosis-Utils:

And the license can be found here:

The problem is that some files are in the public domain (put there by
the author), while some files aren't (articles relating to the python
module). The author distributes all of them in the same tar-ball.

The author has no interest in changing the packaging he currently has
(e.g. separating the copyrighted articles from the source package), but
since the code is in PD I see no legal problem in simply repackage it
myself, without the articles. This new package could then be used for a
Debian package.

Am I missing something here?


Magnus Therning                    (OpenPGP: 0xAB4DFBA4)

Maturity is when you quite blaming other people for your problems
     -- Craig Burton

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