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Re: LaTeX2HTML license: An answer from Leeds University

On Tue, 2004-01-27 at 21:24, Roland Stigge wrote:
> [resent to debian-legal due to bad address]
> Hi Ross,
> today I received the attached mail. It should be enough for the original
> author (Nikos Drakos) and you, the maintainer, to decrease the
> scrupulosity to change the license (else, please contact me or Roger
> Hartley).
> I'm looking forward for the next release of LaTeX2HTML (as the rest of
> the debian-legal team does). :-)

... and his answer is:

"This is a very encouraging response.
Thank you for moving ahead with this matter.
I'll plan to implement license changes on most of the main files
in the LaTeX2HTML distribution for the next release, probably
in February this year."



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