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LaTeX2HTML license: An answer from Leeds University

[resent to debian-legal due to bad address]

Hi Ross,

today I received the attached mail. It should be enough for the original
author (Nikos Drakos) and you, the maintainer, to decrease the
scrupulosity to change the license (else, please contact me or Roger

I'm looking forward for the next release of LaTeX2HTML (as the rest of
the debian-legal team does). :-)


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Dear Dr. Stigge,
Thank you for your letter of 21 January regarding the change of licensing terms for LATEX2HTML initially written by Dr. Nikos Drakos in 1993. I have spoken with colleagues and we have no objection to the changes you propose, and consider that it is not necessary for Dr. Drakos to formally seek permission from the University to change the licensing terms. If you require further information or further action please get in touch.
With regards....Yours sincerely...(Professor) Roger Hartley.

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