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License bugs for sarge

I was browsing through http://bts.turmzimmer.net/list.html,
and I note the following bugs due to non-DFSG-free or undistributable

228085: airstrike
-- unhelpful upstream, will probably need to be removed from sid

224913: gpsdrive

225537: hdate
-- unhelpful upstream, maintainer has already requested removal from sid

229720: icecast2

227793: libpgeasy

229747: mirrormagic

210233: rocks-n-diamonds
-- unhelpful upstream, QA has requested removal from sid

220054: smlnj
-- no source!

211644: ssh
-- this one was really close to being solved; more people need to bug
Matthew Vernon about this.

223587: vcdimager
-- sounds like it's basically fixed; I sent a nag

212766: vlc
-- untouched since Sept. -- needs repackaging

225002: xephem
-- star catalog is undistributable

That's 12 packages with licensing problems.  

debian-legal: Can perhaps shed light on whether any of these are not
licensing problems.  :-)  Also, how quickly should undistributable packages
be removed from Debian?  I'm tempted to file ftp.debian.org bugs *immediately*
at *critical* severity, since these leave Debian nastily open to lawsuits.

debian-qa: In most cases this is going to require removal of
packages from sid.  It may be appropriate to remove undistributable packages
from sid even if they will be fixed "later".  Appropriate nagging of the
ftpmasters will be necessary, so get ready.

debian-bugs: It would be... really nice to have some sort of tag or other
way to filter for these licensing bugs.  Perhaps "undistributable" and
"non-free".  Of course, such bugs shouldn't really be necessary, since
undistributable stuff should be removed from the archive immediately, but....

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden at gcc.gnu.org>

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