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Re: ckermit: license advice

> The other model used sometimes is to dual license.  Provide a free
> version under the GPL and a sell a version that companies can take
> proprietary.  Whether this makes sense with kermit, of course, I have no
> idea -- it depends mostly on how the large unix vendors in question are
> using the kermit code (are they simply including it in the OS
> distribution, or using the code in new products?). 

As far as I know, kermit is only ever used as a standalone binary, so
I can't see a way to make this apply.

> It could also get a bit tricky with contributions -- if people
> contribute new code under the GPL the kermit folks wouldn't be able
> to add it to the for-proprietary version.  If they chose this model
> they'd have to get permission for this from contributors.

That would also be a problem (or plain impossible), the kermit codebase
dates back to at least 1985, and a *lot* of people have contributed



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