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moving fceu to main

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Hello -legal eagles,

I currently maintain an NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) emulator for
Debian called fceu (FCE Ultra).  Although it is licensed under the GPL
it is currently in contrib since it is mainly useful to play non-free
ROMs (eg. Super Mario Brothers, Legend of Zelda, etc...).  I would like
to do what I can to move it into main.

I have found an NES game on the internet[0] that includes the (6502
assembler) source code and is licensed under a very liberal license (see
below for text).  I am thinking of packaging it for Debian to allow the
emulator I already maintain to go into main (in addition, it looks like
an interesting game concept).  If I go through with this (it will mean
packaging a 6502 cross-assembler in addition to the game so that the
game ROM can be built with tools in Debian), will this be sufficient to
allow the emulator to move into main?

The license/copyright for the game is:

The source code and binary are (c) 2003 Halley's Comet Software.  They
may be distributed or resued [sic] in any way without express permission
so long as credit is given to the author.


 [0] <http://hcs.freeshell.org/efp.html>

PS - Please cc: on all replies as I do not subscribe to -legal.
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