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Re: [Spi-trademark] Re: LinuxWorld NY banner

SPI manages property for the Debian project. If Debian wants to use its own logo in a particular way, it's not our business to stand in the way.



Jimmy Kaplowitz wrote:
Hi trademark ctte and SPI board,

-legal seems to think that a logo use question related to LinuxWorld
that I asked them would better be asked of some SPI entity, thus this
email. (Well, that's the opinion of the only person who replied, at
least.) Please see below, include me directly on replies, and retain all
CCs. Thanks in advance.

On Fri, Jan 09, 2004 at 03:20:20PM -0600, Steve Langasek wrote:
On Fri, Jan 09, 2004 at 03:36:12PM -0500, Jimmy Kaplowitz wrote:
(Please CC me on replies, even though I am subscribed to -legal, and
also retain the CC to -events-na.)
(What CC? :)
Heh, I realized after I sent it that I had forgotten to CC -events-na.
Whoops! :)

I am going to make a large (maybe 48"-by-48") ink-on-vinyl Debian swirl
banner to bring to the Debian booth at LinuxWorld NY later this
month[1]. I was planning to simply put a Debian logo (using the version
with the word "debian") centered on a white background. My question for
you is whether it is appropriate to use the Official Use logo. I think
it is, since this is an official Debian appearance (with manpower
provided by Debian developers) and the banner will probably be used at
future official Debian appearances at other trade shows in the US. I'm
just asking for a -legal opinion to be sure.  So, what do you think?
I don't think it's appropriate for debian-legal to try to answer this
question, as debian-legal is not responsible for the policies governing
the use of SPI intellectual property.  I personally don't see any
problem with the usage you describe, but last I checked, this wouldn't
fall under the standing license granted to Debian Developers.
OK, SPI, what do you think?

- Jimmy Kaplowitz

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