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LinuxWorld NY banner

(Please CC me on replies, even though I am subscribed to -legal, and
also retain the CC to -events-na.)

Hi -legal,

I am going to make a large (maybe 48"-by-48") ink-on-vinyl Debian swirl
banner to bring to the Debian booth at LinuxWorld NY later this
month[1]. I was planning to simply put a Debian logo (using the version
with the word "debian") centered on a white background. My question for
you is whether it is appropriate to use the Official Use logo. I think
it is, since this is an official Debian appearance (with manpower
provided by Debian developers) and the banner will probably be used at
future official Debian appearances at other trade shows in the US. I'm
just asking for a -legal opinion to be sure.  So, what do you think?

Comments on the planned design, or any suggestions to use the Open Use
logo for aesthetic reasons, are welcome in direct mail to me or to the
-events-na mailing list.

- Jimmy Kaplowitz

[1] According to a poster on -events-na, this should cost roughly $100
at Kinko's, and it should be reusable at future events, as I say above.

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