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Re: [ardour-dev] The Ardour Manual

On Thu, 08 Jan 2004, Robert Joerdens wrote:
> Hmm. Provide the LaTex code (scrambled) and place it under the GPL.
> Providing source code (LaTex) that contains a few errors
> (scrambling) might still qualify as "source code" because it _is_
> the sourcecode for the PDF. Problem is that someone could start
> distributing "corrected" versions.
> Maybe the Debian legal people can come up with an idea.

You're still going to run afoul of almost any Free license out
there. [And even if the license is technically Free, if people are
unable to exercise their rights that the DFSG preserves because of the
way the work is packaged, we will not distribute it in Debian.]

Is there any pratical reason why this manual is not going to be Free?

I can understand the writers and/or developer's attempt to use the
manual as a fund raiser, but this argument applies equally well to
almost all of the Free software extant. (You might want to consider
placing contributers names in the manual for a year or some other
tactic instead of holding the manual hostage.)

Moreover, I'm not sure if Sourceforge approves of distributing non OSI
(and in general, non DFSG-free) material via their distribution
system. Have you consulted with them?

Don Armstrong

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