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Re: If not GFDL, then what?

Brian T. Sniffen said:
> The GNU GPL is somewhat awkward for print distribution: it requires
> either a CD of source in the back or an onerous offer valid for three
> years.  The best alternative I can consider is to distribute the book
> under the GPL, with the special exception that printed copies may be
> derived from it, or perhaps a separate license to the publisher.

Special permission for the publisher might not be a bad idea, but it may
weaken the OP's desire that the publisher's version be Free.

The GPL is reasonably well-suited for print distribution (at least for large

Most technical books are created and modified on a computer, so there is a
"preferred form of modification" (aka source).  The publisher will usually
keep this form around for the "2nd Edition" revisions, etc.

Many technical books come with a CD of examples from the book, or similar
material.  A copy of the source could easily be distributed on that CD.*

Alternatively, the book's copyright page could offer a copy of the source by
sending an SASE (with blank formatted floppy) to the publisher.  Offer valid
through $LAST_PUBLICATION_DATE+3years.


* The book could not legally be sold without the CD, since the seller would
not be fulfilling the reqs of the GPL.

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