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If not GFDL, then what?

I am up to speed on the recent discussion of the GFDL, and I have read the various position statements published by members of the Debian community. Here is my situation:

1. I have a book, <http://diveintopython.org/>, which is currently licensed under the GFDL, with no Invariant Sections and no Front- or Back-Cover Texts. 2. This book is scheduled to be published on paper by Apress next summer, and they are aware that all their editing work between now and then will also fall under the GFDL. 3. There are complete or partial translations of the book in 6 languages, all covered by the GFDL. 4. Yesterday, a Debian package maintainer (Ross Burton) contacted me wishing to create a Debian package out of the book. He initially claimed that I would need to relicense it, then later (after talking with other maintainers) that this was unnecessary, but ultimately he was unsure who was right or how long it would stay in Debian main, if indeed it got there at all.

Here is what I would like to do:

1. Give away my book for free.
2. Force translations and all derivative works to remain free.
3. Force my editor's contributions to remain free.
4. Allow Apress to publish the book commercially.
5. Put the book in Debian main.

What license would you recommend for that?

-Mark Pilgrim

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