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Licensing requirements ???

OK, this is my first foray into a sale-able product, based on `free'

I am working with a company that is writing software that is to be sold
to their customers.  I have specified Debian as the OS on which this all
runs; so, here I am on this list to learn the ropes of `free' software.

Other than Debian, the software uses Apache, MySQL and PHP.

My client wants to retain all rights to their software, and is not
willing to release their software in any `free' software fashion.

Also, in order to manage problems and maintain SLA's, this software is
to be sold as an integral piece of a system -- somewhat of a blackbox.
In other words, their customers will pay one basic price, and receive an
installed hardware server, on which Debian and software are installed

Everything other than the proprietary software is straight DEB
installed, so their is no issue of distributing modified `free'
software.  However, the MySQL licensing model seems to indicate that a
licensing fee is due them; and, I wonder about others.

What are the repercussions to my client, as a result of this model?

Best Regards,

mds resource
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