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Re: MPlayer DFSG compatibility status

On Thursday 09 October 2003 14:24, Gabucino wrote:
> Gabucino wrote:
> > I wonder if there's still any obstacle in the way of MPlayer's inclusion
> > into Debian.
> Please list _actual_ licensing problems of MPlayer so we can discuss them -
> the purpose this list exists for.
> The following issues' discussion has started so far:
>  - libavcodec's possible patent infringements: even if they do exist, xine
>    (which contains this library) was let into debian main.
>  - ASF patent: it seems there is an agreement that there is no reason to
> fear Microsoft on this part. However - of course - I don't want to say the
> final word; this is just my understatement so far.
>  - Win32 DLLs: current linux media players (including MPlayer) are more
> than able to live without them.

You forgot the non-respect of the license of the libraries included in mplayer 
(you know, the thing having been brought in another branch of this thread).


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