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Re: MPlayer DFSG compatibility status

Gabucino wrote:
> I wonder if there's still any obstacle in the way of MPlayer's inclusion into
> Debian.
Please list _actual_ licensing problems of MPlayer so we can discuss them - the
purpose this list exists for.

The following issues' discussion has started so far:

 - libavcodec's possible patent infringements: even if they do exist, xine
   (which contains this library) was let into debian main.

 - ASF patent: it seems there is an agreement that there is no reason to fear
   Microsoft on this part. However - of course - I don't want to say the final
   word; this is just my understatement so far.

 - Win32 DLLs: current linux media players (including MPlayer) are more than
   able to live without them.

While these topics can be important, I'd like if somebody would address
my original concerns too.

Thank you.

MPlayer Core Team

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