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Re: MPlayer DFSG compatibility status

On Tue, 07 Oct 2003, Gabucino wrote:
>  - marking the changes made on imported libraries. This would
>    currently include: libfaad2, libmpflac, libmpdvdkit2, libmpeg2.
>    Let me clarify the situation.

[SNIP -- These all seem to be packaging considerations and as such are
orthogonal to the legal ramifications of mplayer.]

>     d, libmpeg2 - We - the core developers - do not intend to waste
>	time searching for modification dates and such (nor do we know
>	what exactly you wish for),

All that's needed is to comply with GPL 2a [and probably for any other
GPLed libraries which you've included and modified from various
sources in mplayer.]

GPL 2a for reference:

    a) You must cause the modified files to carry prominent notices
    stating that you changed the files and the date of any change.

> By the way, MPlayer also contains a LICENSE file, which - AFAIK -
> negliges the neccessity of GPL header inclusion in each of the source
> files.

It actually doesn't. You should include the copyright information in
each of the files, and you must in cases where mplayer doesn't hold
the copyright. [It's just a good practice as well, because it makes it
clear where your code came from and how it is licensed if it ever is
separated from the codebase -- which is usefull in case someone wants
to fork mplayer or use sections of it in another program.]

Don Armstrong

"It's not Hollywood. War is real, war is primarily not about defeat or
victory, it is about death. I've seen thousands and thousands of dead
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