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Re: Official Logo is not DFSG Free (with patch)

On Fri, 03 Oct 2003, Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:
>> I'm reopening this bug because the official logo is non-free. [It
>> fails multiple parts of the DFSG, including #1, #3, #6, #8... the
>> list goes on.]
> The list is irrelevant as the applicability of the Debian Free
> _Software_ guidelines to graphical images is even more dubious than
> its applicability to documentation.

Please don't confuse a really minor and rather technical debate with
basic Debian policy.

There is no question that the DFSG applies to software including
documentation, and hence any images that appear in said materials.

If an "official use only" corporate logo were released under a license
that required the addition of a "based on" or "unofficial" across it
when used on a modified version of something, we might allow it by
analogy with the "must rename" licenses which we grudgingly accept.
But that's not the situation with the official Debian logo.

You might also feel that Debian is being inconsistent in that we
distribute things on our web site that we won't distribute on CD
images.  True enough.  RMS seems to thinks it's pretty weird.

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