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Re: snippets

On 2003-10-02, Barak Pearlmutter <barak@cs.may.ie> wrote:
>  - the enormous number of snippets.  I would be surprised if fewer
>    than 10% of our source tarballs contain snippets.  Maybe a lot more.

In the interests of furthering the discussion, can I suggest limiting
the discussion further, beyond your definition of "snippets"?  Your
definition includes both files not clearly under any license and files
under explicitly non-modifiable licenses, which seem like quite
different situations to me, and also include many hypothetical files
in a wide variety of different packages.

I propose that we limit the discussion to the only files that have
been explicitly pointed out, namely, the essays (GNU and so forth) in
the etc directory of the emacs tarball (and xemacs as well).  It is
not hard to locate these; they have already been located.  There is no
question about the license they are under.  The license is clearly not
DFSG-free.  Should these files be removed from the tarball and from


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