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Re: committee for FSF-Debian discussion

* Don Armstrong <don@donarmstrong.com> [2003-09-28 16:35]:
> > A good candidate would also be familiar with debian-legal's analysis
> > of the GFDL.  Any of N Nerode, D Armstrong, or A DeRobertis would
> > serve well -- Branden Robinson would, I suspect, be objectionable to
> > the FSF, and Thomas Bushnell is a GNU developer as well.
> I would be happy to assist in an advisory capacity, but I am not (yet)

I would like to invite Don to participate in this committee.  As per
the constitution (5.1.1), I cannot make him an official delegate since
he's not yet a Developer.  However, Debian has always welcomed
contributions from outside, and Don also fulfills all criteria we
expect from Developers.  He has agreed to uphold the Social Contract
and the DFSG in private mail and has a GPG key which is signed by a
Developer.  I think it's clear from his -legal participation that he
agrees with Debian's philosophy.  Given Don's participation in -legal,
I would like to invite him to participate in this commitee as an
independet person representing the views of Debian on the FDL.  He
will work under the auspices of Mako Hill, who I have just appointed
as Debian representative in the discussion with FSF.

Martin Michlmayr

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