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Re: committee for FSF-Debian discussion

On Sun, Sep 28, 2003 at 02:30:04PM -0400, Brian T. Sniffen wrote:
> Is Mr. Hill a frequent reader of debian-legal?  I know I have not seen
> him posting here.

I do not post here often but I read -legal regularly and am up to the
date on the issues.

I believe I was approached for a number of reasons:

 - I am an SPI board member and DPL Delegate;

 - I have done a good deal of writing and research in the area of
   technical and legal control of literary works based in Free
   software philosophy (Check out my homepage in my sig for examples
   including the piece called "Literary Collaboration and Control" but
   be warned it is very long and rather broad);

 - I have had a number of conversations on the control of literary
   works, and a number on the GFDL in particular on behalf of Debian,
   in the last year with a number of people at FSF including Eben
   Moglen who is on the committee.

 - I'm a Debian developer who, through lack of active participation on
   the lists doesn't bring a lot of "baggage" to the table.

My only (somewhat poor) excuse for silence on this list so far on this
issue in recent months is that I've been on the road for most of the
time since July 9th at conferences and on vacation and have been at
least several weeks behind in my -legal and FDL related message which
I have been trying to read carefully and fully and was not really in a
position to engage in active dialog so long after the fact.

In place of this, I have I have been in contact with a number of
people involved in the discussion here over the last few months and
have tried to stay "in the loop" as best as I can.

I'm happy to discuss the FDL and my role on the ctte on or off this
list or on IRC (nick:mako) if people would like.

Benjamin Mako Hill

Benjamin Mako Hill

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