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Re: committee for FSF-Debian discussion

bruce@perens.com (Bruce Perens) writes:

> > A good candidate would also be familiar with debian-legal's analysis
> > of the GFDL.
> This would only be the case if we had to prove that invariant sections are
> outside of the DFSG. I don't think we will have to argue about that,
> it's pretty obvious. But I can keep the people mentioned on call in case it
> comes up.

Well, RMS several times said that he was urging us to consider a
"different interpretation of the DFSG" under which the GFDL would
pass, and insisted that a plain reading of the DFSG would not exclude

While, it seems to me that a joint committee is not properly there to
interpret the DFSG to anyone, it does seem to be important to have
someone who is very familiar with our general standards so that they
can be aware of the entire context within which we must operate.


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