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Re: Respect for Upstream Authors and Snippets of Interest

On Sun, Sep 28, 2003 at 04:23:08PM -0600, Barak Pearlmutter wrote:
> But you're allowed to paraphrase anything, so what's your point?
> You can even paraphrase non-modifiable essays.  "In an essay RMS
> explained that he used to work at ... and then Symbolics ... and he
> felt that ... and so he climbed to the mountain top and hacked for
> forty days and forty nights without food or water or sleep or wrist
> braces, and brought forth to the masses below ..."

There is no internationally recognised right to quote in this
manner. In most jurisdictions, you may only do so in "small"
quantities. You do not necessarily have the right to misquote, and
even if you do, it is probably highly controlled.

Have you ever noticed how a great many movies contain the text "This
is a work of fiction. Any resemblence to persons living or dead is
purely coincidental" in their legal gunk? It's essentially the same
thing here: you cannot, in general, misrepresent or inaccurately
portray somebody in a non-fictional/non-satirical context. If you wish
to do these things, it must be clear you do not intend to be accurate.

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