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Re: A possible GFDL compromise: a proposal

Joe Wreschnig <piman@debian.org> a tapoté :
> > 
> > I still did not get the point. Many many people seems to enjoy Britney
> > Spears. Does it mean that Britney Spears is wonderful?
> Musical (or other) tastes are almost entirely matters of opinion.


> > 
> > Many people in France thinks that Republic is something heavily linked
> > to Democracy, despite the fact the Republic model was clearly an
> > oligarchy. 
> > 
> > Something can be popular and also completely wrong.
> If you would have read the thread, or my opinions on 'open source'
> versus 'free software' (consider this an exercise in Googling), you
> would know *I agree with you*

What difference does it make? 

You can agree with me about this subject and however present arguments
that I consider pointless: for instance, what does it mean if an 
expression is popular? 

> , and so you didn't need to write a bunch of embarassingly stupid
> and incorrect examples.

These examples are correct. Musical taste is not a matter of
popularity. For the kernel example, unless you assume that most users
are familiar with kernel design, most people use a popular term to
describe something else than the kernel. And the fact that in 
France many people ignore the concept they are refering to makes
sense too: the word Republic is popular but misused.

> So invariant sections are a failure both philosophically and
> pragmatically, which is typical of non-free things.

Was the message you are answering to talking about invariant sections? 

Mathieu Roy
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