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Re: A possible GFDL compromise: a proposal

On 2003-09-23 00:45:52 +0100 Andrew Saunders <syntaxis@gmx.co.uk> wrote:
[2] Okay, this was just an extreme example. However: since I personally
believe that, Invariant sections or no, the term "Open Source" will
*still* be more widespread,

Do you have numbers to back the claim that it is more widespread? I thought only English had the free/free ambiguity enough to create a market for the more ambiguous term "open source". I know that the damned term is being imported into other languages, sadly, but I didn't think it had got to the point of majority yet!

If you have no such data, please refrain from that claim. It borders on trolling, given your to-list.

or at least be seen as synonymous with "Free
Software" (as the increasingly popular FOSS [Free/Open Source Software]
concatenation shows)

That is intersection, not equation. It is known that undesirable stunts limiting freedom, such as software patents, are allowed under most definitions of "open source".

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