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Re: A possible GFDL compromise: a proposal

On Monday 22 September 2003 16:58, Richard Stallman wrote:
>     If, OTOH, your only goal is to persuade Debian to accept the GFDL
>     with invariant sections as free enough for inclusion in our
>     distribution, I don't see that such a discussion could ever bear
>     fruit without a concrete proposal spelling out the alternative
>     guidelines that should apply to documentation.
> I don't plan to discuss even small GFDL changes here.  I think people
> will present a proposal for guidelines for free documentation for
> Debian.
>       The definition of software
>     that includes documentation is simply the only one that permits Debian
>     to include documentation at all, and only if it complies with the DFSG.
> I've mentioned the other possible choices, so there's no need for
> repetition now.

Okay, so nothing is going to change from both sides. Now you can stop mailing 
on this list.



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