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Re: Export clauses in XFree86 licensing

Scripsit Anthony DeRobertis <asd@suespammers.org>

> > 8. Claims of Infringement. If Recipient at any time has knowledge of 
> > any one or more third party claims that reproduction,
> > modification, use, distribution, import or sale of Subject
> > Software (including particular functionality or code incorporated
> > in Subject Software) infringes the third party's intellectual
> > property rights, Recipient must place in a well-identified web page
> > bearing the title "LEGAL" a description of each such claim and a 
> > description of the party making each such claim in sufficient
> > detail that a user of the Subject Software will know whom to
> > contact regarding the claim.

> Not sure which portions of XFree this license applies to, but I bet I 
> can come up with some material. I'll then just mail -legal about it and 
> Debian will have to put up a page describing it.

Don't use too much time searching - I hereby claim that whichever code
in XFree86 that is covered by this notice, infringes *my* intellectual
property rights. Of course I'm wrong, but I claim it all the same, so
now Debian has to put up a LEGAL page.

Shall I file a bug report against www.debian.org myself?

> So Debian would be compelled to notify all our users about it with 
> steps "reasonably calculated to inform those who received the Subject 
> Software." Not sure what those steps would have to be, but I'd assume 
> fairly extensive.

I think I'll settle for having new xfree86 packages being put on
security.debian.org with a priority "high" debconf splash screen in
its postinst script. :-)

> > 7. Claims of Infringement. If Recipient learns of any third party claim
> > that any disposition of Covered Code and/or functionality wholly or
> > partially infringes the third party's intellectual property rights,
> > Recipient will promptly notify SGI of such claim.

> This is doable,

Doable, perhaps. Free, no.

Henning Makholm       "`Update' isn't a bad word; in the right setting it is
                 useful. In the wrong setting, though, it is destructive..."

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