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Re: A WDL.

On Thu, Sep 18, 2003 at 12:33:46AM -0500, D. Starner wrote:
> ***
>   Disclaimer
>      The Unicode Character Database is provided as is by Unicode, Inc.
>      No claims are made as to fitness for any particular purpose. No
>      warranties of any kind are expressed or implied. The recipient
>      agrees to determine applicability of information provided. If this
>      file has been purchased on magnetic or optical media from Unicode,
>      Inc., the sole remedy for any claim will be exchange of defective
>      media within 90 days of receipt.
>      This disclaimer is applicable for all other data files accompanying
>      the Unicode Character Database, some of which have been compiled by
>      the Unicode Consortium, and some of which have been supplied by
>      other sources.
>   Limitations on Rights to Redistribute This Data
>      Recipient is granted the right to make copies in any form for
>      internal distribution and to freely use the information supplied in
>      the creation of products supporting the Unicode^TM Standard. The
>      files in the Unicode Character Database can be redistributed to
>      third parties or other organizations (whether for profit or not) as
>      long as this notice and the disclaimer notice are retained.
>      Information can be extracted from these files and used in
>      documentation or programs, as long as there is an accompanying
>      notice indicating the source.
> ***
> We can make copies _in any form_ _whether for profit or not_. Where's the problem? 

No grant to modification, perhaps? (although that probably wouldn't be
extremely helpful, but anyway)

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