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Re: A possible GFDL compromise

* Thomas Bushnell, BSG (tb@becket.net) [030914 23:35]:
> The goal I am speaking of is the goal is to make sure that everyone
> who gets free software understands the rights they have and the
> importance of free software.  I believe this is a goal that Debian
> also shares.

This is a important goal, and I share that.

However, even this important goal doesn't justify the use of non-free
software. (That doesn't mean that I wouldn't try everything to keep
the FSF-statements in Debian, as long as we can include them (means:
as long as they are free). I would even do that if I disagree with
them as long as we include software from them. But this is a _moral_
thing, not a legal one. We must not legaly bind our users and take
them away their rights from the SC. That I feel morally bound to not
remove the political sections from the manual (but either remove
nothing or software and manual) is another thing, and I would fight
for their inclusion in the manuals if necessary. However, fight
morally, not legally.)

(Please don't see this mail as an attack on you position. Your mail
just happend to be a good starting point for my replay, but it seems
that we both are not too far apart.)

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