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Re: defaming now?

MJ Ray <markj@cloaked.freeserve.co.uk> a tapoté :

> > No problem for me. Philosophical/political/historical text
> > included in some manuals are not software.
> If that is true, but one would be prepared to put manuals with such
> text in Debian, then surely that doesn't agree with the first term of
> the social contract, *even* according to Mathieu's preferred
> definition of software.
> I agree with Mathieu that one only needs to uphold the contract in
> Debian work (despite my view), but he seems to be trying to get those
> texts in Debian.  To me, this seems to indicate disagreement with the
> contract.

I tried to understand what would be the best for users, which is an
important point of the Social Contract. But now I admit that the GNU
view of the subject cannot be working with the Debian view of the
subject, because GNU is not going to provide manuals without these
invariant sections and because Debian is not going to ships texts with
these invariant sections (whatever their nature). 


Mathieu Roy
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