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Re: A possible GFDL compromise

Richard Stallman <rms@gnu.org> writes:

> Incompatibility of licenses does cause real obstacles to certain uses,
> and it might be worth changing the GFDL to solve that problem, if it
> can be done without big drawbacks.  I'm going to think about this
> question.  But the same issue arises for free documentation licenses
> that don't have invariant sections, and Debian is not considering
> rejecting them.  It's not valid to use this argument against the GFDL
> alone.

You have missed the point here, so I'll repeat it.  I really do wish
you would answer it directly, because several times I've brought it up
and each time you have chosen to reply to something unrelated.

The GFDL is not compatible with *ANY* free software license.  That's
an excellent reason for thinking it's not free at all.

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