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Re: GFDLed and preferred form

On Tuesday, Sep 9, 2003, at 15:46 US/Eastern, Mathieu Roy wrote:

Sure I can.  I can't incorporate it into my thesis, which is written
entirely in LyX.

Unless you find a way to make it suitable for modification to non-LyX
users. Isn't is possible to do an html export or something like that?

That still loses a lot of information. I think its possible, just like you can run latex2html on a normal latex document. But you lose the ability to edit formulas (they become images), to easily change references, to easily create and update indicies, tables of contents, and lists of figures.

BTW: I'm pretty sure Debian distributes in copies of over 100, and thus is subject to the transparent forms requirement. I'm also pretty sure that .deb's and .tgz's are not transparent forms. So, even were it free, we can't *technically* distribute GFDL documents.

I'm not especially familiar with LyX but I though it was similar or
based on LaTeX. As LaTeX files are ok for the GFDL, shouldn't be the

Not sure. Possibly they are, but that's really beside the point.

I think it's pretty complicated task to come up with a perfect license
and that the current GFDL can surely be enhanced in his letter.

I hope so --- that would be the best realistic outcome, I think: We could allow GFDL with no invariant sections, front or back cover texts, etc.

It would be interesting to have a clear list with a distinction
between problem in the letter and problems in the spirit, in regard to

Since, AFAIK, the FSF has never published rationale behind each section of the license, it is hard to determine what the FSF intends with each section.

So, yes, it'd be interesting, but we'd first have to know what the spirit is.

for the GFDLed manual without invariant sections to be considered as
free documentation by Debian (yes I wrote documentation).

The Debian project does not have a definition of "free documentation" unless you mean documentation as a subset of software. The scope of any free documentation (as opposed to software) guidelines are outside the charter of this list; try -project.

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