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Re: Attribution-ShareAlike License

If I were to try my own hand as an apprentice in the fine art of
debian-legal license analysis, I might say the following <grin>:

DFSG 1: Free Redistribution
  Section 3c gives the right to use it in a collective work.

DFSG 2: Source Code
  Not specifically addressed here (at least in terms of "preferred form for
  modification").  I guess we would have to look at each work licensed under
  this license individually to see if it includes something that we would
  deem as "source".

  It seems rather BSDish in that a person that receives it would be free
  to distribute it without "source".

DFSG 3: Derived works
  3b provides this, and 4b develops it.  8a provides the relicensing aspect.

DFSG 4: not applicable (no restriction on source code is being made)

DFSG 5, 6: No discrimination
  There is no clause about commercial restrictions or any such thing.

DFSG 7: Distribution of license
  8a meets this

DFSG 8: Not specific to Debian
  Clearly this is fine here :-)

DFSG 9: Software contamination
  Wording is fairly clear that the license of an individual document does
  not hinder a collective work.

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