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Re: getting personalities out of the FSF-Debian argument

From: Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org>
> What, specifically are you requesting?
> A) That I stop CCing or otherwise mailing RMS with queries or commentary
>    on this subject until your efforts have reached a conclusion, or are
>    abandoned;
> or
> B) That I be placed under a gag order and forbidden from discussing the
>    GNU FDL in any Debian forum (or just this one?).  (Presumably, this
>    restriction would have some sort of sunset as well.)

I'm not asking for you to "be placed" under anything. I'm asking you to
voluntarily restrict your own behavior such that you are not visibly
standing out as Debian's driver in this matter. I don't think it's
necessary for you to be that driver any longer, things have been stated
clearly enough and lots of people are interested in pursuing them.

Were I in your place, I might consider retreating to debian-private
and to private emails. Bradley reads debian-legal, I have no idea
who else in FSF does. For the duration of this matter, I will not be
reading debian-private. Feel free to huddle there.

Brendan, I especially need you to do this so that I can ask for a similar
change on the other side, so that we can treat FSF as an organization rather
than an alias for Richard.



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