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Re: Some licensing questions regarding celestia

Quoting Don Armstrong (don@donarmstrong.com):

> 17 USC 106 (3) lists four ways for a copy to be distributed. [...]

If you think 17 USC limits the means of distribution of a copyrighted
work's instance to only four, and somehow precludes for software
anything other that sale or lease, then I think you have an extremely
active imagination.

_Obviously_ the Copyright Act in no wise addresses, let alone restricts,
the ways in which works may be distributed.  Be serious.

> In such a case, the licensor has no more rights than granted to him by
> copyright law.

Well, duh.

> If there is no privity, there can be no contract, therefore the
> rights granted are granted by statute.

That is a non-sequitur, and you are begging the question:  Open-source
licences such as GPLv2 and the BSD licence are _founded_ in the
assumption that licensors may grant rights above and beyond the
statutory ones, with attached conditions.

> Perhaps I'm missing some key point, but I don't see how we can use
> such software save under a valid license or leasing agreement persuant
> to section 106 (3) and following the legal forms of a lease.

Yes, you are indeed missing a key point.

Sorry, but this has become tedious.

Cheers,                                         kill -9 them all.               
Rick Moen                                       Let init sort it out.           

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