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Re: A possible GFDL compromise

Richard Stallman <rms@gnu.org> writes:

>     It's true that many have gladly taken GNU software while ignoring the
>     GNU philosophy (or actively working against it).  But I doubt that
>     invariant sections alone can ensure that the message will be heard.
> Such things are very hard to estimate.

Indeed.  From your point of view, the benefit of invariant sections
surely outweighs the inconvenience (or restriction of freedom) the
users face.  I don't think the equation works out this way.

(Disclaimer: I still think that Debian should distribute documents
which wouldn't be DFSG-free software if they were software (such as
GFDLed manuals with invariant sections or various logos), but at the
same time, I consider GFDL invariant sections an unnecessary burden.)

> What is clear is that one does not use a viewer program to read a
> manual published on paper.

I could print the invariant sections and the GFDL on pieces of paper
separate from the main book.  Recipients would probably throw them

However, such hypothetical arguments won't get us anywhere.

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