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Re: Some licensing questions regarding celestia

Hi, again!

* Mika Fischer <mika_fischer@gmx.net> [2003-09-01 15:50]:
> I'm the new maintainer of celestia which is a space simulation program.
> As such it contains a lot of data, numerical data such as positions of
> stars as well as 3D models and textures.
> The copyright status of all this data is a real mess and we (the authors
> and me) are trying to clarify it.

OK, this is getting better and better.

How far does one have to go in regard to data? A few examples.

- Data published on the web:
  http://www.obspm.fr/encycl/cat1.html lists stars with possible planets
  around them.
  Is one allowed to use this data in a program?
  Basically for me this is just information and it doesn't make sense to
  restrict that.
- Data announced on the web:
  which leads to:
  which has the data.
- If one creates a 3D Model from published data, what is the legal
  status of this work? Can it be GPLed? Can it be put in the public

These are all for now. I'm sure more esoteric examples will eventually
show up.

 Mi 'And I haven't even started with the images!' ka  

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