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Re: Some licensing questions regarding celestia

Hi, MJ!

Thanks for the pointer to the GPL FAQ. I've read it and found some

* MJ Ray <markj@cloaked.freeserve.co.uk> [2003-09-01 16:49]:
> On 2003-09-01 14:50:40 +0100 Mika Fischer <mika_fischer@gmx.net> wrote:
> >1) If one includes public-domain material in a GPL work, does one have
> >to state what material is in the public domain?
> I'm not sure, but would say yes.

indirectly implies that public domain code does not have to be marked as

> >2) Are there any GPL-compatibility issues when the data is licensed
> >differently from the GPL?
> This is covered in the GPL FAQ about "aggregation" I think.

No it isn't, I'm afraid.
only deals with code.
The impression I get from reading the FAQ is that data does not have to
be free at all.
states: "a free software license like the GPL, based on copyright law,
cannot limit what data you use the interpreter on."


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