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Re: documentation eq software ?

Mathieu Roy <yeupou@gnu.org> writes:

> If the GFDL invariant section was used to include political statement
> that have nothing to do with computers (like racist statement, as
> proposed before), I would find normal to trash these documentation
> that use the GFDL invariant section for a purpose out of the scope of
> Debian.
> But a political stand about computers within a documentation
> describing the software does not seems a problem to me: it documents
> the software! It's the purpose of the documentation.

Then it is non-Secondary, and may not be Invariant.  The license is
thus inconsistent and fails to apply; we may not distribute the work
at all.

>  While at the contrary, including the manifesto within emacs, for
> instance, does not require a protection (it's not a part of the
> software and can be safely removed, if present).
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