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Re: swirl infringement by electrostore.se

* Sunnanvind Fenderson <sunnan@handgranat.org> [2003-08-28 20:03]:
> I haven't been seeing my mail on debian-legal lately, maybe I have
> some email troubles.. hopefully the CC will get through, though.

 I received it at least.

> (Gerfried, if my email to debian-legal doesn't get there, would you
> kindly forward it there?)

 I bounced it.

> No news on this issue since then, and Elektrostore still uses the
> logo. Have you talked to Raul about the issue?

 Not yet, no.  I wonder if someone else has contacted him? I can't
really believe that noone should have done so yet...

> I hope to see the issue resolved and, now that you remind me, I think
> it's weird that Elektrostore *still* haven't changed their logo.

 I guess they won't change it because they seem to be on the safe side
(might it be that they really believe that it's from some clipart
collection, or that they don't think that Debian might be able to force
them to change it). The longer the issue stands the harder it is though
to get them to change it because they can then argue with common law (I
hope that's the correct translation), I guess.

 So long,
It's simply unbelievable how much energy and creativity people have
invested into creating contradictory, bogus and stupid licenses...
        --- Sven Rudolph about licences in debian/non-free.

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