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swirl infringement by electrostore.se


 Any news on the case of the swirl they have in their logo? I can't see
any trace about this at all, the last question on this topic still
stands unanswered (from what I can see).

 It looks like noone seems to care about this rip off at all and I don't
know where Sunnanvind Fenderson too the following from:

,-------------------------> quote <-------------------------
| the company using the logo, elektrostore, said something to the effect
| of "for all we know, it could be some clipart or font image that Debian
| just used, didn't invent"
`-------------------------> quote <-------------------------

 For all I know it was original art by Raul M. Silva according to
<http://www.debian.org/News/1999/19990826> so the people who received
the above could maybe kindly tell them about the facts instead of
letting them assume that it was "some clipart or font image"?

 So long,
P.S.: It would be nice to Cc: me on replies, I scan only through the
   archives otherwise and might miss it.
> Also eigentlich wird immer mehr automatisiert. Warum nicht auch die
> Konvertierung von Umlauten von einem characterset in einen anderen?
Weil dann Nöl, der Pöt, eine Pälla verspeist ;-)
         -- Thomas Dehn in de.admin.news.groups

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