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Re: A possible GFDL compromise

On Thu, 28 Aug 2003, Sergey V. Spiridonov wrote:

> > The GNU FDL, like the proprietary licenses I mentioned as examples,
> > offers a trade.  Unlike the MIT/X11 license or the GNU GPL, the GNU
> > FDL does not only grant permissions to the user: it offers to trade
> > him some permissions in exchange for some freedoms.
> >
> > The particular trade it offers is non-free.
> Do I understand you correctly?
> Copyright law grants some permissions. GPL grants some additional
> permissions and does not put additional restrictions.
> Do you state that any license like FDL, which puts additional
> restrictions on user is non-free disregarding of additional permissions
> it grants?

	Heh. I just now realized, that false accusation that GFDL
puts additional restrictions to the user is the root of major part
of all that anti-GFDL hype.

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