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Re: A possible GFDL compromise

> May be user will decide not to use Emacs at all, if he will
> know, that Emacs and Manifesto written by the same man. (Btw, this
> if a far more usual and far more honest behavior, than strip
> Manifesto and continue to use it)

Maybe he will decide not to use sendmail if he knows that it
was written by a homosexual, or music123 if he knows that it
was written by an atheist. That doesn't mean that we have
to send some documentation along with sendmail or music123 that
indicates the author's beliefs. Even the GFDL doesn't require
that we ship the Manifesto with Emacs - it requires that we ship
the Manifesto with the documentation.

> According to my understanding of your words, all that a bit
> stricter than public domain is not free. And even a bit of
> discrimination toward proprietary OS makes software non-free. Right?

No. And I have no idea where you would get that idea.

> Please excuse me, but I do not believe that "let things go
> beyond one solitary point of control and one opinion" is the
> official position of any free software organisation and,
> particularly, the Debian Project.

The DFSG says that _anyone_ can change free software and redistribute
and use free software for _any_ purpose.

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