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Re: Is the GNU FDL a DFSG-free license?

Joerg wrote:
The point is, I think that there are circumstances where having
invariant sections are _necessary_. When I am writing a report with a
conclusion that contains my very personal opinion, I as the author do
not want anybody to change that section, write anything into it that I
do not agree with. The readers of that modified version will think it is
my opinion they are reading thouhg it is not and may be even contrary to
mine. What does that mean? When I am free to say what I want (freedom of
speech, one of our highest goals!) I do want to keep to my words and do
not want anybody to put words in my mouth I would never say.

You're confused; you've missed the point. Don't allow a modified version to be put out *under your name*. That restriction is fine and DFSG-free. Please allow a modified section to be put out *with very clear notices that this is not your opinion*. That's what the DFSG protects, and that's prohibited by the GFDL.

Nobody's asking to be allowed to put words in your mouth. That's NOT what GFDL Invariant Sections are about.

I added a section about this to my web page recently. Look at the bit entitled "It's not about misrepresentation" on http://home.twcny.rr.com/nerode/neroden/fdl.html -- this is a FAQ at this point.


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