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Re: A possible approach in "solving" the FDL problem

On Thursday, Aug 14, 2003, at 13:40 US/Eastern, Fedor Zuev wrote:

JK>However, if you _make_ a copy by using the cp command on your own
JK>system, you are subject to the rule you quoted, and you can't put it on
JK>an encrypted filesystem.

	Again. You demand from licensce to cure a problem,
nonexistent under any jurisdiction I heard about.

	Computer is a single "tangible medium", and any internal
technological process whithin it, you aware or even not aware about
[...] is completely irrelevant to the copyright, and, consequently, licences.

a) You have completely ignored the argument about encrypted backups.
b) You have failed to consider giving encrypted copies to others. For
   example, over a SSL ("secure") website. Or when opportunistic
   IPSec is common
c) Title 17 USC Sec. 117(a).
d) the precedent of the Napster case, and various others

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