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A way of looking at Software, Documentation, and Data

The debate on the distinction between software, documentation, and data, and
the required freeness of each (and a reference to Venn diagrams in one
thread) has inspired me to attempt to diagram the relationships being
discussed.  Attached is a very simple xfig diagram of what I see.
The diagram is also available at http://www.iegrec.org/venn-like2.png

Some of my opinions:

I'm using the following definitions for what's in the circles:
Software is: "Any information that is encoded electronically"*
Programs are: "Information that instructs computer hardware how to behave"
Documentation is: "Information that describes the behavior of something"

The following areas are non-empty:
 D -- For example, the wiring of an ENIAC
 A -- For example, literate programming, HTML
 E -- For example, deadtree books on psychology
 F -- For example, a digital recording of Beethoven's 9th symphony**

B is empty because the programs there describe their behavior through their
instructions.  (Maybe not in a very convenient language, though)

I think C is empty, but I can't really formulate the exact reason at the
The DFSG should apply to anything in "Software", i.e. A,B,C, and F

Debian should not/does not distribute anything but software, i.e. The DFSG
does not need to apply to areas D, nor E.


* This definition is intentionally broad.  For those who want to define
"Software" as it is used in the SC and DFSG as "computer programs", then
consider C and F as empty, and explain why Debian should distribute
non-software (i.e. area E)
** This is a poor example, since it instructs the sound card how to behave.

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