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Re: libdvdcss

On Tue, 2003-08-12 at 05:19, Sam Hocevar wrote:
>   2. If Lindows are respecting the GPL, it means that libdvdcss is
>      shipped with no additional restriction. Which means we just have
>      to download libdvdcss from them, and re-distribute it. It's a
>      magical world.

This is interesting. I was about to write a retort that this wasn't so,
but it seems that Section 7 of the GPL implies that if Lindows.com can't
offer the same rights to everybody, they can't distribute the library at

I suspect that Lindows.com hasn't considered or noticed this.

In any case, I have access to the Lindows.com warehouse. However I don't
currently have an installation of LindowsOS; neither do I have the will
to pay $4.95 to get the stupid thing.

This is all sort of moot in my case anyways, as I suspect that libdvdcss
doesn't contravene any laws in my locale (Canada).

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