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Re: A possible approach in "solving" the FDL problem

Wouter Verhelst <wouter@grep.be> wrote:
> I meant to say that I do not think it is unlikely that the definition
> would be different; not that I think the DFSG cannot be applied to
> documentation. However, even if it can be applied to documentation, I
> feel it should not be.

* Why do you feel this?
* Documentation is irrelevant, as we can't ship it in isolation from the
document containing it.  Do you think documents and other works should be
treated differently to programs?
* Do you feel that agrees with your responsibilities as a developer?

> [...The bug is]
> we don't have a clear policy on how documentation needs to be
> handled

Can you demonstrate this bug without referring to mailing lists, please?
Is a GR now a better fix than completing the draft debian documentation
policy to reflect intended practice?

> Even if we decide that there is no such need, we still have to make that
> decision. 'We' as 'The Debian Project' here. Debian-legal cannot do that
> on its own.

Agreed, but should you not first at least attempt to convince the
responsible delegate before overriding them with a GR?

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